About Us



We were founded by one thing, our love for children and their stylish little ways. 

Just two mums from Liverpool with their children’s surnames Nolan and Jones and a passion for children’s fashion and turning our streets into little runways for our precious little people. Becoming a mother for us, was a massive turning point in our lives, as it made us realise what was important in life, which led to the beginning of NolanJones Children’s Wear. Our vision is to dress children beautifully all over the world for many decades to come, through our range of desirable designer brands that we aim to grow bit by bit until we are happy, our customers are happy with the choices we have to offer.


Our customers are at the forefront of our minds in everything we do and decide for NolanJones Children’s Wear’s future. We are forever grateful for each and every one of you, and we thank you everyday for making it all possible. We also promise to practice excellent customer service each and every time you make a purchase.


We are a store based in Cheshire and our focus is to have a thriving online store alongside it. We offer an exquisite selection of clothing, footwear and accessories and the choice will grow into labels from the world's leading designer brands as we grow, our promise to you. We are excited to have you with us from the beginning to watch us grow into what we hope, one of the largest independent children’s designer retailers in the UK.